PMRC Membership

The PMRC has been supported as an industrial cooperative since its inception. Annual dues are paid by members to support the operation of the Cooperative by the Biometrics faculty and staff of the Warnell School of Forestry via the UGA Research Foundation. The members in turn, guide the direction of the research endeavors of the PMRC through votes on the PMRC Advisory Committee. Day-to-day management is performed by UGA personnel while PMRC policy and mission is overseen by the PMRC Executive Committee.

Membership Options:

Membership in the PMRC is available at six levels to address the wide array of potential members:

  • Full Member
  • Supporting Member
  • Contributing Member
  • International Member
  • Allied Business Member
  • Non-Allied Business Member

Full membership affords to the member all PMRC meetings, PMRC Member website access, all prepublication PMRC Technical Reports, voting rights on the Advisory Committee, a rotating seat on the Executive Committee, and access to all raw datasets after three-years standing as a full member. Full membership requires payment of annual dues as specified in the Memorandum of Agreement, mandatory installation of field studies as adopted by the Advisory Committee and participation in the PMRC Advisory Committee.

Other membership options with corresponding levels of responsibilities and benefits are available. The Membership Classes are outlined in the PMRC Membership Policies.

Please contact Bronson Bullock or Cristian Montes for further information regarding membership.