Field-based Studies

The portfolio of field-based studies installed by the PMRC is quite varied and extensive throughout the operating region of the Cooperative. Studies cover the geographic area comprised of the Atlantic Coast Flatwoods and Coastal Plain, Piedmont, South Atlantic Gulf Slope and West Gulf of the Carolinas, Georgia, Northern Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and East Texas. All studies are designed to be analyzed on a region-wide basis to maximize the information available for use with the developed management tools. Several studies have been retired or passed on to other research interests while new studies are being designed to address questions important for future management options such as carbon sequestration and clonal planting management.

Research Studies:

Below are titles of past and current research studies conducted by the PMRC.


  • Active PMRC Research Installations (KMZ)
  • Coastal Plain Culture x Density Interaction Study
  • Loblolly Pine Growth & Yield Systems
  • Mid-Rotation Silviculture and Thinning Study
  • SAGS Loblolly Pine Culture x Density Interaction Study
  • Slash Pine Growth & Yield Systems
  • SP-4P Post-Bed Vegetation Control
  • West Gulf Culture x Density x Thinning Interaction Study


  • Coastal Plain Slash Pine Competing Vegetation Study
  • Coastal Plain Species Comparison Study
  • Consortium for Accelerated Pine Production Studies (First-rotation)
  • HB-4 Method and Duration of Herbaceous Weed Control Study
  • Mortality Patterns in Plantations Due to Infection by Cronartium
  • MS-33 Thinning and Spacing Study
  • Planting Stock x Vegetation Control Interaction Study
  • RL-4I Timing and Level of Release
  • SAGS Loblolly Pine Competing Vegetation Study
  • SAGS Loblolly Site Preparation Study
  • Slash Pine Site Preparation / Second Rotation Study
  • SP-4F Woody Shrub and Herbaceous Vegetation Control in the Flatwoods

Location of Studies Across the Southeast:

Below is a overview map of past and current PMRC studies.

Overview Map